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Our offer

About us

POLIS is a company which continues the business activity of ENERGOTECH in Osielsko, which manufactured wooden windows and doors since 1996. POLIS company specialises in the manufacture and installation of high-quality windows and doors made of layer-glued wood. The headquarters and production facility of POLIS are located in Bydgoszcz. Almost 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of woodwork as well as the qualifications of the staff, equipment, technology used and the use of materials from reliable suppliers guarantee the highest quality of doors and windows manufactured by our company as well as the service provided.


POLIS Company is a family business operating mainly in the local market although in the case of interest we manufacture windows and doors also for clients from outside of the region, including foreign customers (e.g. from Germany, France, Norway).


Our main attributes are:

  • a direct contact with a customer thanks to which we can recognise his expectations as well as suggest certain solutions that the customer has not been familiar with.

  • The possibility to manufacture woodwork which is untypical in terms of dimensions, shape or structure.

  • A wide array of products which enables a customer to fulfil his/ her needs when it comes to woodwork production: windows, doors, winter gardens, shutters, window sills.

  • Post-warranty service when it comes to the regulation and maintenance of woodwork.

  • An openness to new technical solutions which raises the value and the quality of our products and service provided

  • Eco-friendliness.


We provide you with the advice, measurements, transport and professional installation of our products. Our products are under a long-term warranty. We invite you to get yourself acquainted with our offer.







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