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Top mounted aluminium shutters

aluminium shutters

Blinds constitute more and more often an additional part of the furnishing of the building. Not only do they enhance the insulation of the building but they also increase the privacy of the inhabitants and also, to some extent, their feeling of security. Yet, as far as the last aspect is concerned, on no account should one treat blinds as a sufficient anti-burglar protection. We offer top-mounted shutters from PORTOS which complement the array of our products. Top-mounted shutters can be used in newly constructed buildings (they require higher window openings because the size of the case should be taken into account – 135, 160 or 200 mm). There is a large diversity of colours that can be chosen for veneer, case and the shutter profile. For this reason their colours can perfectly match the colour of the wood and a wood varnish.
The blinds and shutters can be ordered exclusively with the windows and doors produced by POLIS.


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PVC case available in three sizes: 135, 160, 200 mm. The size of the case depends on the complete height of the shutter, the type of a shutter profile, the type of steering and the equipment /more /. The standard colour of the case: white. Upon request there is a possibility of veneering the case with a foil in any of more than 20 colours which imitate wood. Additionally there is a possibility to manufacture a wooden housing of the case which is located inside of the building.

Shutter guides
PVC, width: 60 mm. Standard colour – white . Upon request there is a possibility of veneering the shutter guide with a foil in any of more than 20 colours which imitate wood.

Shutter profile
aluminum, insulated with polyurethane foam, the height of the fin: 39 or 45 mm. The maximum width of the shutter: 250 cm in the case of 39 mm fin; 300 cm in the case of 45 mm fin. The fins are available in 15 colours.

the shutters are pulled up with a cord or stripe. The cord (stripe) case is white or brown. Upon request there is a possibility of: cranking mechanism or electric engine drive to wind the shutters, remote control steering, radio steering, clock steering.

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