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Wooden internal window sills

internal windows sills Interior window sills constitute an important detail as far as the interior part of the window is concerned. Usually they are made of the same wood as the windows (pine, meranti, oak). Yet it should be taken into consideration that pine and meranti are relatively soft kinds of wood. Hence their resistance to mechanical damage is lower. Wooden window sills by POLIS are painted with a wood stain and varnished with polyurethane hard-coat varnishes, which to a great extent makes them resistant to a mechanical damage and water. The second aspect is crucial especially if there are plants on the window sill. The varnish coatings of the windows and window sills are similar despite different varnishing techniques. The wooden window sills by POLIS are installed in an undercut which is placed in the window frame. A window sill installed in this way is very stable and the place where a window and a window sill are joined looks aesthetic. The width, length, the thickness as well as the way of the miling are discussed individually with each customer depending on his needs and request. Upon request we manufacture also the window sills which are joined at different angles, e.g. for bay windows.



layer-glued wood (pine, meranti, oak).

by means of polyurethane paint.

length, width, thickness, milling – upon request.



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