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Wooden external doors rustical

wooden external doors Wooden exterior doors (front doors) just as no other element of woodwork provide the building with a specific character and they often constitute a showcase of the house. Wooden exterior doors by POLIS meet these requirements. Depending on the needs and taste of the customer we manufacture doors, which can be used in buildings with different design and architecture. Doors are manufactured according to an individual order and most of the times they add to the ordered windows. Each time the size, the shape as well as the construction of the door is discussed with the customer and it is the result of both his expectations and technical conditions. If the customer orders windows and doors simultaneously, it is guaranteed that the same design of exterior woodwork is maintained all over the building. The door can be: single, double, with the upper or side transom /see variants of manufacturing/.
In terms of the structure the base of the interior doors by POLIS is a solid frame with a thickness of 68 mm made from high quality layer-glued wood: pine, meranti, oak /more about/. Depending on your needs and taste, POLIS suggests the manufacturing of the exterior doors in three stylistic technologies:

  • standard door – a simple frame, the fillings (door panels and glazing) are installed with the use of standard battens
  • door 'rustikal' – similar to standard door but with decoratively milled rail and stile; fillings are installed with the help of stylised battens /see details/
  • battened door – the fillings are embedded in the frame of the door leaf by means of the pipe battens. Additional decorative applications on the rail and the door panels highlight the style of the door

The door panels are made of insulated polyurethane layered panel. The exterior layer is made of a special plywood with pine, meranti or oak pattern. The four-layered system of wood-varnishing highlights the pattern of wood used. The lower part of the door is finished off by means of aluminum sealing threshold in its original colour. The door is equipped with multi-bolt espagnolette as well as adjustable hinges.


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Door lining
from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), dimensions: 68 x 81 mm standard profile. A door lining of another width upon request.

Door leaf
from layer glued wood (pine, meranti, oak), rail and stile dimensions: 68 x 135 mm 'rustical' profile. Door leaf of another rail and stile dimensions upon request.

Mullion(for double leaf doors)
movable, blocked with a bolt.

adjustable hinges with a diameter of 20 mm by OTLAV. Hinges 3D PROTECT by SIMONSWERK upon request. Standard hinge caps by OTLAV - PVC white or brown. Other colours and patterns of the hinge caps upon request. Multi-point espagnolette by ROTO – two hooks + two cylinder locks (steered with a key). Standard cylinder locks. If requested, there is a possibility of installing: handle-steered espagnolette, espagnolette with so called stiff chain, espagnolette with one cylinder lock, electrically controlled hooks.

four-coat varnishing with SIGMA coatings, varnishing in any covering colour according to RAL or NCS as well as transparent (wood-varnished) [according to wood varnish pattern]. We can also prepare other colours of wood varnish upon request. There is a possibility to differentiate internal and external colours.

The door are filled with panels insulated with polyurethane foam or insulated glass by PILKINGTON. The thickness of the glass – up to 32 mm. Standard packet – 4/16/4 with heat transfer coefficient U=1.0. If requested, other types of panes can be installed: secure, tempered, anti-burglar, self-cleaning, decorative, milky, coloured, noise-controlling and stained.

neutral by WACKER in three colours: white, brown and colourless. Other colours available upon request.

internal aluminum muntins of width from 8 to 45 mm, glued-on Vienna muntins of width from 25 to 35 mm, structural muntins of width from 55 mm, frame unilateral openable muntins /more about muntins/.

aluminum insulated threshold by ALURON, in the colour of aluminum, anodised. Powder coating into any colour according to RAL upon request.

by INTER DEVENTER, white or brown. Other colours are available upon request.

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